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What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital communication?

Advantages and disadvantages of digital communication


1. due to the advances in digital IC technologies and high-speed computers, digital communication systems are simpler and cheaper compare to analog systems.

2. Regenerative repeaters can be used at a fixed distance along with the link, to identify and regenerate a pulse before it is degraded to an ambiguous state.

3. Using multiplexing, the speech, video, and other data can be merged and transmitted over common channel.

4. Since the transmitted signal is digital, an outsized amount of noise interference are often tolerated.

5. Since channel coding is employed , the error are often detected and corrected in receivers.

6. Transmitted data is safer than analog communication.

7. digital communication is adaptive to other advanced branches of knowledge processing like digital signal processing, image processing, and data compression, etc.


Even though digital communication offers many advantages as given above, it has some drawbacks also. But the advantages of digital communication outweigh the disadvantages.
The disadvantages are:

1. due to analog to digital conversion, the info rate becomes high. Hence more transmission bandwidth is required for digital communication.
2. digital/data communication needs synchronization

1.What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital communication?

2.Why digital communication is so popular?
3.Why digital communication is more preferable to analog communication system

advantages and disadvantages of digital communication

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